Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Ceramics at Cosmo China

This autumn I’ve spent a few days painting china at a wonderful shop /workshop in Bloomsbury, London. It’s called Cosmo China and it has been running for over twenty years. Artists are invited to paint and if their work sells they are invited back…..I have to wait and see if any of mine sells! I hope it might as it's a lovely change to my day to sit around a table with artists and use a paintbrush as an alternative to too much furious mouse clicking!

Animated Christmas cards

Whilst I sit in my room making my very still drawings Dennis sits in his room down the hall making moving pictures. You can see two animated Christmas e-cards he made recently - here and here.

Seasonal Cards from the Last Two Years

These were my work / personal Christmas cards from 2008 and 2007.
The one just above was drawn in Devon in February 2007 and the boat to the right was the Spanish container ship that had recently runaground.

These were Christmas cards for the USA card company Madison Park Greetings and the one below a Hannukkah card also for them.

Christmas Card Commissions

Cards I illustrated recently for two companies - Viadynamics and The Toolworks. The Toolworks make web tools - I loved how Louis who commissioned the one with the shed in the forest wanted it to look like a small workshop in a forest....so far away from Exmouth Market in central London where they are based!


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