Friday, 12 April 2013

The Aesthetic Anteater

I did this for a "facebook drawing club thing" that I was doing with some friends who are animators. The theme was the "Aesthetic Anteater" (chosen by me). As I've been feeling sad for anteaters ever since I learnt they were nomadic as I'm sure there are a few that would like a beautiful home to call their own. That's Heals window he is looking in....or maybe the Conran Shop.

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Anthropologie/Front Row Society Scarf Design Competition

These are close ups of a piece I designed last autumn for a Front Row Society competition in collaboration with Anthropologie (a shop I adore!) The brief was to design a scarf 200cm x 65cm based on one of the four elements.

I chose Earth as it’s definitely the element I most connect with. I don’t think I’ve ever designed anything so big before! I called mine “Gone to Earth” – partly after the animals that live and seek refuge underground, the idea of returning to nature and after one of my favourite films with that name by Powell and Pressburger.

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Rhode Island magazine - Spring

 This was for Rhode Island Magazine to illustrate a piece by Ann Hood. It's was a very reflective and poignant piece of writing about Spring from early childhood memories of Easter celebrations with snow still on the ground surrounded by her extended Italian family through to the loss of family members and how it affected  her ability to notice or appreciate seasonal changes through to the springtime adoption of one of her children.

I've also included how the illustrations looked in the magazine layout - I really like how the designer laid out the pages, the text and the flowers against the clean white pages.


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