Wednesday, 30 March 2011

The PaperQuilt Collages

The Paper Quilt Project was initiated by Dawbis (her psuedonym) a Texan based artist in 2007. 244 illustrators and artists from around the world were sent a small card and pieces of scrap paper to produce a collage on the theme of "A Day in My Life". The plan was to submit them and Dawbis would make twelve "paper quilts" to auction for a charity voted for by the artists.

The top collage I did in 2007 however it got lost in the post somewhere between London and Texas. The project was then on hold for a bit but when it relaunched last year I got the opportunity to submitted a new collage.

It seem the days of my life have changed little in the meantime...still involves drawing at my desk, drinking coffee and looking out for an elusive fox!

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Freedom of Speech for Hamsters

I've been meaning to post this for ages. Dennis made this film "Free Speech for Hamsters" last summer. I hope it isn't just because he's my partner but I really think this is animation used to its best abilities - it conveys complex and important ideas in a simple, concise and funny way. And just like how sometimes an illustration can be so much more universal than a photograph the use of animation and fluffy little creatures speaks more directly than more "related to our world" mediums might.

This is the second of his Public Information Films for Hamsters. The first one "Advice for Hamsters Buying Squeaks" was done fourteen years ago and won him several animation awards. I love the simple pencil drawn quality of it. Wondering what the third hamster film will be about in 2024!

(Here is a link to view it in YouTube without the right third of the film missing! I'm not sure why this always happens when I import videos? If anyone is able to explain to me how I can correct this I'd really appreciate it - thank you!) - Addition 27th April - I found the answer! Before I'd been pasting in the embedded info straight from youtube but if I use the insert video link on the blogspot tool bar when making a post it centres it! It's strange how learning such simple things make me happy!

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Backgrounds for Fly Origami Fly

I loved working on this project last year. It's a book on how to make origami flying objects - planes and rockets but also kites, birds and animals and flying toys. The origami is designed by and the book written by Mari Ono and her son Roshin.

It's published by Cico Books, for whom I've been producing illustrations for nearly ten years. Sometimes when you work for people they can only picture you being able to do what you already do, however I'd shown Cico some styling I'd done for a photographer friend and they asked me to make and style the backgrounds for the book; simple paper and card environments for the origami objects to inhabit. I really appreciated them giving me the opportunity to try something new and combine my passions for illustration, making and styling.

It's strange how cutting cardboard and using glue can bring such joy!

Above some shots of the book containing photographs by Geoff Dann, a couple of works in progress and a view of my kitchen table mid project!

Last month I worked on a sequel which was even more fun than this one! Will show some images when it's published later this year.

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Our Afternoon Visitor

Mr Foxy was curled up in our garden this afternoon! I called to him and asked him up for hot chocolate and toasted fruit bread but either he was ignoring us or very deaf. I'm hoping he was just feeling bold lying there and not poorly.

Below is an inky fox drawing I did last autumn.


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