Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Maybe sometimes simple is best?

I did this sketch in the autumn in a beautiful B&B in Cambridgeshire when I attended an archive day at the Curwen Press. It was dusk, we'd just arrived and we were having a cup of tea before exploring the village of Linton.

Now I've spent an evening doing the colour version below ...I realise I actually have a fondness for it just as a blackline drawing straight from my sketchbook!

Illustrations on Prejudice

These were part of a set of illustrations on the subject of Prejudice for Nursing Standard magazine.

Monday, 25 January 2010

Snow Dog

We built this snow dog at my parents at New Year. My Mum said now he is just a lump of snow a foot or so high on the newly revealed grass.

Photographs from our Snowy Trip

Northumberland and Scotland in the snow over Christmas and New Year. We walked every where and left the car in Northumberland and took the train to Scotland as snow was so deep and the roads so dangerous. I took so many photographs....I hope at some point they'll feed into my work. I was obsessed by the patterns that bits of grass and bare twigs made in the snow...somehow it reminded me of calligraphic marks.

Monday, 18 January 2010

Yoga Journal - Prana

Above is the final artwork for a piece on prana in the January/February issue of the US Yoga Journal. And below some roughs. I'm really missing not being able to keep an eye on US magazines since all the UK branches of Borders closed down last month. Does anyone know of a good stockist of American magazines in London?


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