Thursday, 6 August 2009

The Black Bound Hound Book

I drew this "dog parade" over several nights at bedtimes - it was a lovely way to wind down at the end of a day. I'm a bit obsessed at the moment with these moleskine concertina books - I have an empty one waiting for the next "parade" idea......

Here is a movie of "The Black Bound Hound Book" made by my animator boyfriend - our first joint project. For my birthday I've asked if he can animate one of my drawings (and maybe a bar of Lindt chilli chocolate too)!

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vintage simple said...

Hi, I just ended up here via Anne's blog... What a playful and inspiring place you have! Such a treat for me on this overcast morning where I am. I love the dog parade - and the music to go with it! (It reminded me a little bit of my grandmother - whom I loved dearly)... Anyway, I had a lovely time visiting and wanted to take a moment to say so.


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