Thursday, 9 February 2012

Teeny Tiny Crochet - Props and Backgrounds

I absolutely loved working on this project - planning, making the sets and styling them working with the photographer - it was like everything I loved doing as a child coming together as an adult. Making little environments for animals - dreaming up their worlds. The crochet creatures made by Catherine Hirst were amazing - so, so tiny (for example the mouse was about the size of a thumb nail!) I was excited about little Mr. Mouse having a Liberty print lampshade :-) Geoff Dann was the photographer - it's amazing how he can always manage to position these little lifeless creatures (with pins and blue tak and wire) to make them look so full of personality!


Chris said...

You are very talented Trina! & I love your home as featured in D S! I'm a Filipino living & working with Singapore with hubby & 3year old daughter. I used to dabble in illustrations in Manila & miss it sometimes. I now work in publishing in SG. I'll be visiting your site often. You are an inspiration!

Trina Dalziel said...

Thank you Chris. I hope you get a chance to return to illustration in the future.

Ebba Erikzon said...



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